The Islander Estate Vineyards

“I can have permanent contact with nature on this island. For me, this is the environment for high quality wines... innovation is the key to wine-making here because nothing is predictable.” Jacques Lurton

The Islander Estate Vineyards was established by world renowned Bordeaux Winemaker, Jacques Lurton.

Since his first Australian vintage in 1984, Jacques held the dream of having his own Australian vineyard. After falling in love with Kangaroo Island’s natural beauty on his first visit to the island he followed up by planting The Islander Estate Vineyards in 2000.

The Estate’s north-facing slopes & friable soil provide near perfect cool climate growing conditions for varieties like; Cabernet Franc, Malbec and Semillon.


Jacques was looking for a large property offering a combination of agricultural and vineyard potential. The property had to be on north-facing slopes with heritage vegetation. A 300 hectare property near Parndana came up for sale and it was here that Jacques chose to establish his 11 hectare vineyard with dense plantations of 5000 vines per hectare.

Kangaroo Island’s maritime climate is heavily influenced by the Southern Ocean’s breezes which play an important role in the ripening process. Although there is lots of sunshine on the island, crucial in ripening the grapes, the cooling sea breezes help protect the grapes which allows for a long, slow ripening period; perfect for creating great complexity of flavour in the grapes.

With Jacques’ Bordeaux upbringing it is perhaps unsurprising he considers blending of varieties to be a crucial element in creating great wine. In the same way a great chef uses a range of ingredients to make a complex dish, blending provides a winemaker with the opportunity to pick the best bits from different grape varieties to create a more complete and complex final wine.

Come and find out what inspired French winemaker Jacques Lurton to choose Kangaroo Island as the ideal Australian location for winemaking. Enjoy a fully guided tour of the vineyard and take your time to indulge in a sample of The Islander Estate Vineyard’s extensive range of premium wines in the comfort of our classic Australian barrel room.


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