Drunken Drone Launches First Kangaroo Island Microbrewery

Honey Wheat Ale, hand crafted, small batch, available through Clifford's Honey Farm Gate

The Drunken Drone Brewery is a small microbrewery started in September 2015 on Kangaroo Island by Greg and Sharon Simons of Haines. After years of home brewing and testing recipes Greg’s ambition of building his own brewery became a reality when the brewery was finished and the first official brew was made. They are beginning their production with a “Honey Wheat Ale” which is hand crafted in small batches using traditional mash brewing techniques. Greg’s aim for brewing an easy drinking lightly hopped beer led to this Ale. It is made with Clifford’s Honey Farm honey from the renowned Ligurian Bee. Greg is also a farmer who likes the idea of value adding his own grain and the aim is to eventually brew using his own wheat and barley.


The Drunken Drone Brewery will be selling the Honey Wheat Ale at Sharon’s parents farm gate shop Clifford’s Honey Farm.
The Honey Wheat Ale is a bottle conditioned ale and as such has a long wait from brew date to ready to drink date. The first brew is now almost ready and will be for sale starting from the 20th January 2016 at Clifford’s Honey Farm.

Local interest for the Honey Wheat Ale is strong with The Drunken Drone Brewery already receiving orders from other KI businesses. As production increases the Ale will be available through other KI outlets.

Greg and Sharon are excited to be establishing a microbrewery on Kangaroo Island to compliment the growing boutique food and beverage industry.

Friends and family of Greg and Sharon have been sampling Greg’s brews for years and now they are proud to be able to offer a Kangaroo Island brewed ale for locals and visitors to enjoy.

Please contact Greg and Sharon for more information –

Drunken Drone Brewery

Greg and Sharon Simons

1351 Elsegood Road Kangaroo Island




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