Foodie Friday #2 at La Boca Bar and Grill

How much they know and how humble they are – that is amazing!  They are not pretentious at all, they do it simple and they do it right, that’s what we try to do at La Boca.    Chef Nicolas Arriola, La Boca Bar and Grill

Kangaroo Island Olives

The Esposito family olive grove began its journey in the early 90s. The first olive tree was planted by Zio Giuseppe (Uncle Joe) in a small paddock surrounded by native vegetation, 400 metres from the Nepean Bay waterfront. It wasn’t exactly a smooth start, “the wallabies damn near ate the whole tree”. Despite all the wild animals constantly feeding on the leaves the tree kept growing. With the blessing of lots of sunshine and rainfall along with traditional pruning, the tree flourished and the extra virgin olive oil it produced was described as ‘uniquely Kangaroo Island’.

Today, the mature grove is home to more than 10 varieties of olives. Major cultivars including Koroneiki, Frantoio, Leccino, Pendolino and Kalamata are harvested each year to produce award-winning Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Kalamata eating olives.

Day-to-day farming operations are overseen by Dom who lives on the Island, while son Michael who lives in Adelaide, takes care of sales and marketing.

“We grow our produce using sunshine and rainfall. Nature does all the work” Domenico Esposito.

Kangaroo Island small goods and cheeseboard, including Kangaroo Island Olives, Island pure cheeses, South Rock Lamb Chorizo, The Figgery and Sticky Figs 📷 @​i​​vy_adelaide

Latitude 36

Tony and Beverly Nolan are a passionate Kangaroo Island couple with a desire for sustainable food farming and production. Their philosophy is simple food, straight from the source, with a taste of the country that will reconnect you with the land and agriculture.

Latitude 36 has been in operation for 16 years and Tony endeavors to bring product to people in a variety of ways. They have a condiment line and also provide a Farm Food Experience encompassing their Farm Kitchen for those that want to have hands on experiences. Tony will also craft Culinary Adventures to immerse consumers with the true paddock to plate experience.

Tony and Beverly have had the privilege to showcase their farm foods to some of the largest names in the business and have established a reputation for always bringing fresh quality to the table with every experience they provide.

Whole grilled spring chicken with Latitude 36 honey mustard, rosemary and butter 📷 @​i​​vy_adelaide

Kangaroo Island Free Range Eggs

Tom and Fiona Fryar’s Free Range Poultry Farm covers 5,000 acres and is situated near Kingscote on Kangaroo Island.

The Farm currently runs 50,000 hens, producing approximately 15,000 dozen free-range eggs per week and supplying in excess of 100 outlets across Australia.

Fryar’s Kangaroo Island Free Range Eggs is a unique South Australian business. The True Free Range eggs produced, cleaned, graded and packed on the property before being distributed across the Island or shipped to mainland sales outlets in cities Adelaide, Sydney and Melbourne.

Hens on Kangaroo Island Free Range Eggs farm are stocked at much less than 1500 hens per hectare in the range area, giving each hen plenty of space to scratch and peck at seeds, grass and insects.

Baked Kangaroo Island Susan Rose Potato with soft boiled Kangaroo Island Free Range Egg, Island Pure Sheep Labneh and Kangaroo Island Saltbush 📷 @​i​​vy_adelaide

Island Beehive

Island Beehive is owned by Peter Davis. A passion for bees and honey permeates the Island beekeeping community with which Peter is intrinsically linked. Peter Davis was born on Kangaroo Island and grew up around bees kept as a sideline on the family farm.

Being one of the first, and now among the biggest organic honey producers in Australia, Peter is a leading voice in the honey production industry in Australia.

“All of our honey is produced by the purest strain of Ligurian Bees in the world, on Kangaroo Island. Our honey is unfiltered and raw – as God intended it to be.”

Island Beehive promotes the Ligurian Bee story and provides links between heritage, environment and food production.

Island Pure Sheep Labneh and honey profiteroles with gnash and Island Beehive pollen 📷 @​i​​vy_adelaide

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