Foodie Friday #3 at La Boca Bar and Grill

What they put on the table is amazing, it is off the charts.  People appreciate the simplicity of something good.   Chef Nicolas Arriola, La Boca Bar & Grill


Clifford’s Honey Farm

Dave and Jenny Clifford opened their Honey Farm in 1993 and it has been a popular family destination ever since. Dave collects different types of honey from Kangaroo Island’s famous Ligurian Bees. Three varieties are always available for tasting and purchase, and these depend on the time of the year and which of the Island’s many shrubs and eucalypts are in flower.

Kangaroo Island is the only place in the world where pure bred Ligurian Bees – initially imported from Italy in 1884 – still exist. The Island’s strict ban on bee and honey imports has protected the colony and enabled local apiarists to harvest a product that is unique and of the highest quality.

Visitors to Clifford’s Honey Farm can learn all about the history of apiary on
the Island, the social structure of bees, how they communicate, and view
the Ligurian Bees at work through a glass-covered hive. Large groups and coach parties can also book for a tour of the honey shed to learn about honey extraction. The farm is a proud family business with three generations currently working together.

Roasted beetroot and baby carrots warm salad with pine nuts and Clifford’s honey dressing 📷 @​i​​vy_adelaide

Kangaroo Island Coffee Roasters

Kangaroo Island Coffee Roasters sources its beans from farms in Columbia, Zambia, Costa Rica, and Guatemala to support international fair-trade. This guarantees the highest quality available beans, which in-turn enables KI Coffee Roasters to produce a high-quality end product. The in-house coffee roasters have designed individual profiles during the roasting process which results in the product being the award-winning coffee.

This business was established in 2015 with the aim of producing a quality Kangaroo Island branded product. Product is supplied freshly roasted to clients, retail customers and mainland clients too. The product has the ability to have an extended shelf life, but the longer you leave it, the more it loses the flavoured- oils. It is recommend to consume within 5 weeks of roasting for the best flavours. Thereafter it may display signs of bitterness or acidity due to loss of oils but still suits many pallets.

Kangaroo Island Coffee Roasters seek to build a strong coffee culture on Kangaroo Island, and are in a prime position to do so – being situated at Chocol’ Art & Coffee in the main shopping district of Kingscote. This location has established KI Coffee Roasters’ strong presence within the local community – a ‘must-visit’ iconic KI experience.

Flourless chocolate cake with warm chocolate cardamom mousse and mixed berries. Pair with a Kangaroo Island Coffee Roasters Espresso 📷 @​i​​vy_adelaide

The Figgery

The Figgery is a small family business at Stokes Bay on the north coast of Kangaroo Island. They have been growing figs and olives since 1993, following organic farming principles. All products are produced and packed on the
farm. The Figgery operates as a wholesale business, supplying retailers and individuals in carton quantities but also posts smaller orders across Australia.

The Figgery produces several fig products including Sticky Figs, Dried Figs and Sticky Fig Syrup, preserving the fruit mainly by drying, making them available all year round. During the harvest, they pick fruit by hand every day and process them within 24 hours to maintain the high quality of the fruit.

Kangaroo Island small goods and cheese board, with The Figgery Sticky Figs, Island Pure Sheep Cheeses, Kangaroo Island Smoked Olives and South Rock Lamb Chorizo 📷 @​i​​vy_adelaide

 South Rock Lamb

Kangaroo Island has a cool, long growing season, perfect for producing high quality produce. The cheeses, seafood and olive oils have been recognised Australia-wide as being top quality.

Southrock Lamb has been recognised as superb quality and can be found on the menus at some of the best dining experiences in Australia including luxury hotels and at Kangaroo Island’s premier resort, Southern Ocean Lodge.

Southrock Lamb is produced with the animals’ welfare in mind. The lambs are raised in a totally stress-free environment, on the clean green paddocks of Kangaroo Island and the quality and taste is sensational.

South Rock Lamb Chorizo ragout on KI Shellfish Premium Oysters 📷 @​i​​vy_adelaide

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