Introducing the Eat Drink KI Box

Kangaroo Island Food and Wine's newly released Eat Drink KI Box. Carefully curated just for you.

We are really pleased to introduce to you our new Eat Drink KI Box.  A carefully curated Box of Kangaroo Island Products by us, and offered to you.

Eat Drink Kangaroo Island Food Wine Spirits Beer Beverage

Many of the producers on Kangaroo Island only offer their products on the Island, or very selectively off the Island.  So, we have taken the leap to curate what we consider to be the best, and make sure that you can get hold of it.

The shop won’t be open all the time.  We will create the offers for you, open the shop for a limited time, and close when the offer ends.  We then ship it to you for free, Australia Wide.



Our first offer is open from today, 16th November 2016.  We are really excited to offer award winning, small batch wines from Kangaroo Island, delivered to you.  So come check it out, and we would love your feedback!



Eat Drink Kangaroo Island Wine Free Delivery

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