Kangaroo Island Food Producers step it up with Advanced Food Manufacturing Grants

Kangaroo Island Producers are set to step it up with grants to raise technical and business capabilities in food manufacturing

Three Kangaroo Island Food Producers were awarded Advanced Food Manufacturing Grants in 2015, and are set to expand on what Kangaroo Island can offer in terms of value added produce.

The Program, delivered through Primary Industries and Regions SA (PIRSA), promotes collaboration between industry, researchers and government.  It translates new and existing research into practical outcomes and focuses on raising the technical and business capabilities of food manufacturers.


queenShawn & Anthea Hinves of Kangaroo Island Living Honey have 200 productive hives and is capable of producing up to 20 tonne of Organic Honey annually.  They received a $25,000 grant to develop nutraceutical products using Kangaroo Island Honey and Propolis.  In collaboration with the University of Adelaide, School of Agriculture, Food and Wine and SARDI, the nutraceutical and medicinal properties of Honey and Propolis specific to the Kangaroo Island Ligurian Honeybee is being researched.

It’s allowing us to achieve our research goals and to market products in a way that will benefit the consumer and other beekeepers on KI, Shawn Hinves

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Ken and Amanda Rowe from Kangaroo Island Shellfish have recently expanded their Oyster Farm Shop with a small processing and packing facility. They received a $20,000 grant to develop frozen pre-topped premium oysters from their oyster farm. Leveraging from previous in-house research the grant will assist in developing a ready-to-eat retail product requiring no processing skills from the consumer. This value add product also helps overcome Island freight issues of fresh produce and increase oyster supply into regional areas. In collaboration with SARDI, these oysters will be tested, researched and developed, aiming to have similar qualities to a fresh oyster.

The idea for the retail version is that they can be brought home from the supermarket and simply pop the tray in the oven for 20 minutes, and presto….yummy gourmet oysters ready for their guests!  Ken Rowe

_MG_8338Ferguson Australia is a leading Australian harvester and exporter of Southern Rock Lobster, King Prawn, Giant Crab and other seafood products,  They received a $30,000 grant  to develop value-added extracts from under-utilised Southern Rock Lobster co-products.  In collaboration with Mitani Products and Austanz Chitin, Ferguson Australia seeks to explore opportunities in food flavouring and pharmaceuticals from rock-lobster co-products.

The grant offers the opportunity to finalise and commercialise exciting research work that will support local manufacturing, employment and encourage premium exports from South Australia. Andrew Ferguson

To find out more on the grants visit the PIRSA website 

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