KIS wins at Inaugural Australian Gin Awards

Kis O Gin wins Best in Class and overall Best in Show at Inaugural Australian Gin Awards.

A Simple Philosophy Pays Off, KI Spirits wins Best in Show.
Kis O Gin Awarded the Best in Class Trophy for Contemporary Australian Gin at the inaugural Australian Gin Awards in Sydney.

South Australia is truly the Gin State after Kangaroo Island Distillery collected Best in Show at the inaugural Australian Gin awards in Sydney last night. Owner Sarah Lark said “Kis O gin has always been a favourite with bars and consumers alike but until recently it wasn’t well recognised in competitions. Last year Kis O gin won Double Gold in California at the SIP awards so winning this trophy and Best in Show says that Industry is catching up with this favourite Gin. Jon and I and the passionate team we work with are honoured to be recognised in the Inaugral Australian Gin Awards”.
Distillers Ronnie Kreher and Rachel Pratt represented Kis at the awards in Sydney.

Kangaroo Island Spirits is a family business, a true craft distillery where passion is key to the hands-on approach. KIS was named Australian Distillery of the Year 2018 at Melbourne International Spirits Competition, and their gins, vodkas and liqueurs have consistently won awards since the distillery opened in 2006. That makes Kangaroo Island Spirits not only Australia’s first dedicated Gin Distillery, but also the highest awarded.

In 2015 Max Allen and Luke Ashton described KIS O Gin as Australia’s Best Botanical Gin (Gourmet Traveller magazine). It’s not surprising that today it is again recognised as the best in a field of premium gins using Australian native plants to define a strong local character.

Jon and Sarah Lark were originally inspired to make gin which reflected the landscape they live in. Their O Gin does exactly that. Its character is significantly influenced by the infusion of the coastal daisy bush (Olearia axillaris), which was first described by early Dutch explorers in the late 1600s. Jon and Sarah became familiar with its scent as they walked with their children through the sand dunes towards Kangaroo Island’s beaches on hot summer days. The volatile oils of this plant are both piney and sweet, with notes of tropical fruits. In the O Gin it marries well with bolder juniper, and is spiced with Asian long and cubeb peppers and balanced with a belt of fresh South Australian orange. O Gin is favoured by seasoned gin drinkers as the foundation to any cocktail, and is particularly enjoyed in a Martini, perhaps mixed with sake.

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