Clifford’s Honey Farm

No visit is complete without tasting Jenny Clifford’s celebrated honey ice-cream.

Dave started out with a couple of hives as a hobby in 1973.

During the 1980s when the wool prices dropped, Dave and Jenny diversified by expanding their fledgling honey industry. They opened the shop in 1993 and it has been a buzzing success ever since.

The Honey Farm aims to provide visitors with quality honey, select regional produce and to provide information on the unique Ligurian bee found only on Kangaroo Island.

Dave and Jenny are committed to upholding the integrity of this unique resource for future generations to enjoy.


08 85538295

1157 Elsegood Road,
Haines, Kangaroo Island, S.A.

Opening Hours

Open 9.00am - 5.00pm daily
Closed Christmas Day


Dave and Jenny Clifford’s opened their Honey Farm in 1993 and it has been a popular family destination ever since. Dave collects different types of honey from Kangaroo Island’s famous Ligurian bees. Three varieties are always available for tasting and purchase, and these depend on the time of the year and which of the Island’s many shrubs and eucalypts are in flower.

Kangaroo Island is the only place in the world where pure bred Ligurian bees – initially imported from Italy in 1884 – still exist. The Island’s strict ban on bee and honey imports has protected the colony and enabled local apiarists to harvest a product that is unique and of the highest quality.

Visitors to Clifford’s Honey Farm can learn all about the history, the social structure of bees and how they communicate, and view the Ligurian bees at work through a glass-covered hive. Large groups and coach parties can also book for a tour of the honey shed to learn about honey extraction. The farm is a proud family business with three generations currently working together.

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