Kangaroo Island Goose

Delicious ready to eat gourmet goose products from Kangaroo Island authentic free range geese.

Kangaroo Island Goose products, are lovingly handcrafted delicious ready to eat gourmet goose products that desires nothing more than to be eaten on a platter with good bread (or crackers) with some figs, cheese, pickles and a crisp beer, wine or champagne.


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Goose Rillettes (pronounced “ree-yet”) is slow cooked for 10-12 hours with seasoning, herbs and spirits until its meltingly tender and falling off the bone. Its then shredded along with the fat and packed into little jars. Like a pate, Rillettes is best served cold or room temperature, usually as an appetiser on good quality bread or toast or served on a mixed platter accompanied by other gourmet produce.

Smoked Goose Breast, is soaked in a salty, sweet brine overnight, then smoked over real hickory wood chips until the wonderful flavours develop from the rich dark meat, the salty sweet sugar brine and smoke blending together. It is rested, then finely sliced and packed ready to eat. Smoked goose breast is best served cold and makes a perfect starter served on a bed of dressed salad leaves, with anything fruity or delicious just by itself.


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