Kangaroo Island Living Honey

Raw Certified Organic Honey production, Farm Gate Shop, Honey Farm Tours and Live Beehive Experiences.

Kangaroo Island Living Honey is a small family run business.

We have a Farm Gate Shop, Honey Farm Tours and Live Hive Experiences.

We currently Manage approx. 350 productive hives, and on a good year we can extract up to 25 ton of Organic honey. Some of these hives will be on the farm. We avoid using chemicals in all aspects of our farming practices. Our Aim is to produce products of the highest standard and as natural as possible. We love our bees and the amazing products that they create, and we want to share their amazing story with everyone that visits. Our business is part of our home surroundings, and so when you arrive it is a very relaxed and casual atmosphere. There are farm animals and pets to play with and will welcome all that visit. We have Organic Certification through (NASAA) National Association for Sustainable Agriculture Australia. Our Honey and bee products are Raw and Organic and are produced ethically. Kangaroo Island is a Ligurian Bee Sanctuary and has been since 1885, making the bees on KI the purest strain of Ligurian Bees left in the world.  The islands pristine environment and the relatively disease-free status of the bees, makes our honey one of the best in the world.





172 Florance Road
SA 5223

Opening Hours

SHOP: Open Friday, Saturday & Public Holidays 9am -5pm
or with a prebook Tour or Experience weekdays.
Mon, Tue, Fri & Sat 9am to 5pm


TOURS & EXPERIENCES Week Days, Book online


We do not sell our Products to the public at Wholesale prices.


Farm Gate Shop

Honey Farm Tours

Live Hive Experiences

Live Hive Private Experiences


Raw Organic Honey

Creamed Honey

Raw Organic Propolis

Raw Organic Beeswax

Assorted Beeswax Candles all Hand Made with a cotton wick

Beeswax Lip balm

Propolis Tincture

Goats milk Soaps are all handmade using our own milk and bee products. They are all natural and are Colour & Fragrance free. Great for those that cant take normal soap, or have dry and sensitive skin.

We also have other Island Products that we sell as we feel they are also superior products.

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