Kangaroo Island Shellfish

Satisfy your natural desires™ and indulge in our delicacies from the sea!

Grown in cool, clean waters off the coast of South Australia in one of the world’s most unpolluted and intact marine environments, our season is from April to December with commercial quantities available from June.


Deep Water Premiums – Grown in the deepest, clean water in the farm producing a plump oyster with a distinctive frilly, ornamental shell. An awesome tasting oyster that encapsulates Kangaroo Island Premium Oysters.

Coastal Creams – This oyster is finished in the Intertidal section of the farm to rumble and harden the shell. A whiter, harder (and less frilly) shell is achieved with the same great meat. Stock is limited and usually reserved for local sales.

Kangaroo Island Natives – We have been working with SA Research Development Institute on farming the native Angasi oyster.  This species used to be prolific in Southern Waters and was all but wiped out by early settlers.  With a distinctly mineralised flavour that lingers on your palate longer than that of a Pacific, the Angasi is at its best in August/September.

Sizes: (top shell) We sell Bistro (50-60mm), Plate (60-70mm), Standard (70-85mm), Large (85-100mm) and Jumbo (100mm+). Stock is limited per season. The most plentiful size available is Plate with some Standard and Large available. Our sizes are known to be generous and our quality is of the highest standard before we release for commercial sale each season.


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In true sea change style, Ken and Amanda Rowe, sold up their IT business in Adelaide and brought their young family to Kangaroo Island. In 2008 they became oyster farmers, farming the Pacific Oyster in the clean, pristine waters of Eastern Cove on the North Coast of the Island.   Kangaroo Island oysters are now renowned for their delicious salty taste and are highly regarded throughout Australia. The farm produces around 50,000 dozen oysters a year and shipped to wholesalers in Adelaide, Queensland, NSW and Victoria under the Kangaroo Island Premium Oysters brand. In 2010, Ken and Amanda opened a Farm Gate shop – The Oyster Farm Shop – making their oysters, value-adds and showcasing Island Aquaculture and Sustainable Seafood available to locals and visitors.

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