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On the secluded north coast of Kangaroo Island, a hidden gem of a vineyard looks out over Emu Bay. Established 25 years ago, the shiraz and cabernet grapes produce wines of exceptional quality. The hand-tended, single-vineyard, limited releases of fine red and sparkling wines are treasured by locals and visitors alike.

SnowDragon Wines is a 4.5 star winery which applies unflinching environmental principles to all levels of production. So you can be assured that SnowDragon wines reflect not only terroir; they are infused with a philosophy of respect for the earth.

Ultimately, however, wine is all about enjoyment, and our exquisite SnowDragon wines provide that in spades.

In 2012, the Year of the Dragon, Andrew and Sue Bigwood proudly unleashed their first exquisite reds to a select market. The magnificent SnowDragon team includes wine maker, Michael Sykes, owners, Andrew, Sue, Kai and Shalin Bigwood, and many fun and funky friends contributing their talents to the SnowDragon journey.

SnowDragon Wines is a new and exciting label, for a 25 year old, world renowned vineyard, formerly known as Cape d’Estaing, on Kangaroo Island, South Australia.  Outstanding Parker reviews and 94/95 Halliday points has shown that we can produce premium red wines of exceptional distinction, with grapes grown exclusively on Kangaroo Island.

Once cheap family labour, next generation Andrew and Sue Bigwood have adopted this vineyard to continue growing sensational and sophisticated Australian red wines.  Along with a change of hands, a change in name, and a reduction in vineyard size has come a personalised marketing philosophy; To bring our fine red wines to our favourite wild places and share them with you.

So what is a SnowDragon?

In the pristine waters surrounding Kangaroo Island, lives the Leafy Sea Dragon. It’s rarely seen, little understood, and beautiful. A peaceful creature, it relies on its camouflage to foil predators. The ‘foliage’ on each dragon is unique, like a fingerprint. Or a snowflake.

Super cool, individual and enigmatic, the mythical SnowDragon bridges the gap between the Bigwoods’ two great loves; the unique environments of Kangaroo Island and the snowfields of the New South Wales high country.

Fresh tracks, blue ocean, sharing a great bottle of red – PERFECT DRAGON DAYS


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Buy The Dragon

Our small batches are sold exclusively in the NSW snowfields and South Australia’s Kangaroo Island. We can also arrange free delivery to your snowfields chalet or Kangaroo Island beach house (6 bottle min, conditions apply.)

Visit our website, become a member and Discover The Dragon for yourself.

Wholesale enquiries

For wholesale enquiries contact SnowDragonSue on 0418 877 499 or


Go to our website to get a description of what I feel when I drink our current wine list. Our Traditional Sparkling Red Wines are our specialty and a select amount of each variety in each vintage goes back to the winery to undergo a second ferment. The 2013 bubbles will be ready in 2018!



SHALIN’S SHIRAZ 2013 – Halliday Gold 2016 95 points

KAI’S CABERNET SAUVIGNON 2013 – Halliday Silver 2016 94 points

Remember at SnowDragon Wines we believe that tastebuds are as unique as a snowflake or the leaves of a SeaDragon so be sure to taste the wines for yourself!


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