The Figgery

Specialty fig products grown, produced and packaged at The Figgery, Stokes Bay.

The Figgery is a small family business at Stokes Bay on the North Coast of Kangaroo Island. We have been growing figs and olives since 1993, following organic farming principles. All our products are produced and packed on the farm. We operate mainly as a wholesale business, supplying retailers and individuals in carton quantities but also post smaller orders across Australia.


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Christensen Track
Stokes Bay

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The North Coast of Kangaroo Island provides the perfect climate for figs, plenty of sunshine, cool wet winters and warm dry summers. The Figgery produces several fig products, preserving the fruit mainly by drying, making them available all year round. During the harvest, we pick fruit by hand every day and process them within 24 hours to maintain the high quality of the fruit.

Sticky Figs: The figs are gently simmered in syrup for several hours, and once they have cooled, are drained and dried. They have an extensive shelf life and need only to be stored in a cool dry place. They contain no chemical preservatives and are gluten free.

Dried Figs: Couldn’t be much simpler! The stem is removed and the figs are then halved and placed on racks in the dryer. They have an indefinite shelf life, contain no Sulphur or preservatives and are gluten free.

Sticky Fig Syrup:  The syrup is produced during the processing of the sticky figs and has a flavour like nothing else! It is reduced to provide long term stability, has an indefinite shelf life, is gluten free and does not require refrigeration.


We are also the home of the Kangaroo Island Olive Oil Company, producing award winning Extra Virgin Olive Oils since 1998.

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