Vivonne Bay Store

General Store and Bottle Shop

General Store, Bottle Shop and Take Away

Vionne Bay Store is located on our stunning  south coast, and Vivonne Bay was voted best beach in Australia in 2003 by Sydney University.

Vivonne Bay store is reknown for our Famous Whiting Burger and also Lamb Burger.we also have yummy cajun and old fashioned hamburgers that is hard to get your mouth around.

All home made sauces and local produce made with passion and flare. We pride our selves with homemade cakes and biscuits.

We specialise in Breakfast and lunch, and only Five minutes to the beach.

We also sell petrol, diesel, bait,fishing gear, groceries, meat,ice fresh fruit and veg twice  a week. Souvenirs and also local beer and local wines and asst beers and wines in takeaway in our bottleshop. your one stop shop on the south coast.


unleaded petrol 91 and 98, diesel.

gas refills, fishing gear and bait. Ice.

Local produce, fresh fruit and veg, meat and general groceries.

Bottleshop with beers, spirits and wines as well as local wines and beer.

Take awy food , covering vegetarian and gluten free menu.

Yummy burgers and fish and chips and coffee with homemade cakes and biscuits.



(08) 8559 4285

4417 South Coast Road
Vivonne Bay SA 5223

Opening Hours

Takeaway only
10.00am - 5.30 pm daily