Yumbah Kangaroo Island

World-class abalone produced at a pristine stretch of clean, unpolluted water at Smith Bay

Yumbah Kangaroo Island was established in 1995. With around 25 full-time staff applying Yumbah’s unique abalone breeding, growing, harvest and value adding techniques to ensure the provision of a world-class product.

The more temperate temperature profile of the sea water that supplies the farm lends itself to the production of pure Yumbah Greenlip abalone.

Operating an abalone farming business on an Island the size of KI presents its own unique set of opportunities and challenges. The farm is very self-sufficient, and we have learned to deal with isolation through resourceful and do it yourself solutions. To this end we have the largest onsite state of the art processing facility which includes our specialised Nitrogen Freezing process. Our years of specific experience in island life – and an enviable location, a pristine stretch of clean, unpolluted water at Smith Bay – ensuring we can produce a world-class abalone right here on Kangaroo Island for distribution to both foreign and domestic markets

Yumbah has carefully sited its farms in isolated areas where the vast and ancient continent of Australia meets the Great Southern Ocean. We are privileged to work in beautiful locations such as Kangaroo Island, take a look for yourself with this video


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When passion, respect and time come together with the pure waters of Australia’s Great Southern Ocean, the most prized and unique shellfish in the world are proudly reared for you by Yumbah. We bring to you, our world class, award winning Abalone. On Kangaroo Island alone, we harvest over 160 tonnes of Abalone per year, exporting our product all over the world

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