What’s in season? The scrumptious guide to Springtime on Kangaroo Island

Eat and drink your way around Kangaroo Island's farm gates, cellar doors and farmers' markets

September to November – Average temperature 21 degrees.Bee Photos 009


Visit a honey outlet to try Kangaroo Island’s distinctively complex flavour profile. In spring, bees are busily foraging amongst Coastal Mallee, Tea Tree, Bottlebrush, canola fields and clovers.

Tuck into some plump new season oysters at American River, seafood outlets or restaurants around the island. The oysters are at their succulent best in Spring.  At this time of year they are plump and full of flavour. It is the peak of the harvest period with wholesale quantities being harvested and shipped off island to interstate wholesalers.


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Take home cheeses pressed fresh from sheep’s milk, make sure you check out the new season’s cheeses including lactic curds, and look out for new blue cheeses.

Hook some King George Whiting for the barbecue – perhaps book up with a fishing charter, or try your luck from a jetty! Or, just visit one of the three outlets on the Island that can provide you with just what you need.

Chat to producers at the farmers’ markets in Kingscote and Penneshaw, and sample your heart out. Have a coffee and take your time. It’s Kangaroo Island: the pace is languid and the atmosphere social.



The Island’s three free range egg farms are coming into full production, with over 50,000 laying hens foraging spring pastures.

Enjoy new spring lamb at a gourmet gathering.

Call at a pop-up food van for island-style ‘fast food’.

Vineyards burst into life, with young green tendrils growing quickly. New vintages are ready for you to taste, so call into one of the cellar doors.

Marron, our fresh water crayfish, grow fatter and more flavoursome. Visit the Marron Farm to select yours to eat at the café.

It is seeding time for potato growers, into designated quarantine disease free soils. Kangaroo Island is home to some of the cleanest soils in Australia.



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