What’s in season? Eat and drink your way through the Summer season on Kangaroo Island

What's in season? Eat and drink your way around Kangaroo Island this Summer.

December to February – Average Summer temperature 24 degrees

This is the season for the sun-ripening of many varieties of delicious fruit and summer vegetables – transformed by IMG_1694_Sign_Quentin_Chesterislanders into utterly unique products, such as native fruit jams, spirits and liqueurs, chutneys and sauces. Watch out for the Farmers’ Markets in Kingscote and Penneshaw to discover the new season’s flavours.

The island’s Stringy Bark (Euc. baxteri) and Sugar Gum (Euc. cladocalyx) trees are blossoming in the wild and act as magnets to the world’s only remaining pure strain of Ligurian bees, busy converting flowers into sweet, golden honey nectar.


This is the time of year to feast on Southern Rock Lobster, Southern Garfish, Giant King Crab, Snapper, Nannygai, Flathead and get in quick before the Scallops begin to spawn. Perfect with a bottle of crisp cool-climate Kangaroo Island white wine, cooking on the beach whilst watching the sun disappear.

Eat and Drink through the summer season on Kangaroo Island with FergusonsMarron plucked from dams are at their plumpest and sweetest, which are perfect fare for a hot summer’s day.

Small quantities of spawnless Pacific oysters are available (while stocks last), best enjoyed with a local gin and tonic, cider or beer, or if you are up for something different on your oyster, Zenzerino, pickled ginger and wasabi.

Relish fresh fragrant figs in the new year with sheep’s yoghurt and drizzled with ligurian honey for your KI breakfast;
KI Lamb is at its best – look up a caterer to experience a KI lamb on the spit, or just chuck a backstrap on the BBQ.

Farm Gates and Cellar Doors and several seafood outlets, are open for visiting.  It is a busy time of the year, so book a table to ensure you don’t miss out.150422_KI Shellfish_0409 wiz
Remember, the dining is fine, casual or pop-up. Eateries dot the island from Cape Willoughby to Rocky River, Kingscote to Snelling’s Beach, with special events a highlight in summer. Check out the Eat and Drink pages for the best locations.

Make sure you keep you eye out to see what other events and seasonal offerings are available during your visit.

Eat and Drink through the summer season on Kangaroo Island with The Figgery




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