What’s in Season? Eat and Drink your way through the Autumn months on Kangaroo Island.

What's in season? Eat and drink your way around Kangaroo Island this Autumn.

March to May – Autumn temperature daytime 20 degrees maximum,and 13 degrees minimum

The soft light and warm days of autumn are among the best to experience the real essence of Kangaroo Island.  March to May are ideal months, it’s warm enough to enjoy a day outdoors then cool enough at night to open a bottle of Kangaroo Island’s finest red wine over dinner.

This is the season for finding many varieties of delicious preserved fruits and summer vegetables – transformed by passionate Islanders. Watch out for the Farmers’ Markets in Kingscote and Penneshaw to discover the new season’s flavours, and get in while they have stock.



There has been an early fig harvest already in 2017, but in mid to late March you will find fresh figs available through the Figgery’s farm gate.  Contact them to check times that they are available.  Fresh and fragrant figs, the things you can do!  Roasted with honey, fig tarts, figs in salads, fresh figs on a perfect cheese platter, or as they like to do at the diary for a snack – top them with a dollop of warm Island Pure Ricotta, drizzle with KI Ligurian bee honey and scatter with crumbed, toasted nuts. Or just eat them on their own.  I can’t wait, I want them now!


The island’s Narrow-leaf Mallee (Euc. cneorifolia), Pink Gum (Euc. fasciculosa) and Cup Gum (Euc. cosmophylla) trees are blossoming, helping the colonies of Ligurian bees build up their strength before the winter months.  Healthy and strong hives going into winter ensure quality flows of sweet honey throughout the year.


New season, fresh and delicious Pacific Oysters will be fattening up ready for harvest mid-April when water temperatures drop and nutrient levels in the water are right. Kangaroo Island Premium Oysters will be in plentiful supply this season on the island even though the spat (seed) shortage across Australia.


You will still find fresh Southern Rock Lobster, Southern Garfish, Giant King Crab, Snapper, Nannygai, Flathead and King George Whiting from our sustainable fishery, available through various outlets on the Island.  If you want to wet a line yourself, try the jetties for Tommy Rough (Herring), Salmon, Squid (Southern Calamari), and King George Whiting.  Make sure you check out the Fishing Limits.  Can’t catch them?  Take a charter with one of our experienced operators.  In any case, match your catch with a cool-climate wine, beer, gin or cider.

Marron become less active as the water temperature starts to drop, making them a little harder to trap but this time of year you will still find Abalini and perhaps even some Australian native Yabbies to tempt your tastebud.


Early March signals baby chicken season!  More than 15,000 baby chicks arrive on Kangaroo Island in early March to grow into healthy layers for the fresh green pastures in spring.   When they reach 8 weeks of age,  they’ll be transferred out to the numerous mobile sheds in the paddocks to roam free.





Yes, the KI Lamb can be hard to find at restaurants, so we urge you to seek and you will find.  You will be rewarded when you find it.  If all else fails, look up our catering teams, and they will ensure you get the best.


Many of the local Farm Gates and Cellar Doors are often hidden off the main roads, so be prepared to grab a map and plan your tour carefully. Of course, detouring down dirt tracks is all part of the adventure. On arrival, you’ll be rewarded with a sensory experience as several cellar doors and restaurants also boast remarkable ocean views. If you’ve got questions about their processes, there’s every chance the producer is somewhere nearby.


Remember, the dining is fine, casual or pop-up. Eateries dot the island from Cape Willoughby to Rocky River, Kingscote to Snelling’s Beach, check out the Eat and Drink pages for the best locations.  Events pop-up across the Island throughout autumn, and also off the Island, so make sure you check out the Events pages to keep up to date..


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