Yellow tail Kingfish crudo, watermelon, cucumber, and citrus

From Executive Chef Jack Ingram of Southern Ocean Lodge, pair with a stunning Hazyblur Pinot Gris

side-lodge-001This superbly designed recipe comes direct from Executive Chef Jack Ingram from Southern Ocean Lodge.  Jack pair’s this dish with a Hazyblur Pinot Gris


Dining at Southern Ocean Lodge is both a dynamic delight for the senses and a true gastronomic journey of Kangaroo Island; the ‘produce to plate’ approach is a real passion for Chef Jack Ingram and his team.

Celebrated as Australia’s culinary capital, the rich soils and pure rains of South Australia inspire artisan growers to produce a bounty of premium, fresh and often organic food and wines.
The daily changing menu at Southern Ocean Lodge honours these fine local ingredients with a cuisine style at once sophisticated and simple to promote the intense purity of flavours and to create a very special dining experience, unique to the Island and to Southern Ocean Lodge.
An excellent range of diverse Kangaroo Island and South Australian wines and beers has been hand selected to comprise the beverage menu.
It may be isolated but South Australia’s Kangaroo Island is brimming with unique and award-winning produce.

Yellow tail Kingfish crudo, watermelon, cucumber, and citrus


  • 500g yellowtail kingfish loin
  • 2 baby cucumbers
  • 100g seedless watermelon
  • 1 orange
  • 1 lemon
  • 1 lime
  • 1 grapefruit
  • 50g salmon roe
  • 50g baby sorrel



Skin and remove any blood line from the kingfish then dice into 1cm cubes. With a mandolin or a sharp knife slice the baby cucumbers lengthways 2mm thick into long ribbons. Dice the watermelon into 1cm cubes. Using a knife top and tail all the citrus, peel and segment. Cut all the segments into 3 pieces.

To make the dressing dissolve the brown sugar in the vinegar without heat. Once dissolved add the soy sauce and olive oil.

To serve season the kingfish with a little salt and the yuzu vinegar dressing. Arrange randomly on desired plate, next place citrus segments and watermelon in between the kingfish. To finish curl cucumber ribbons on top and place a few tea spoons of the salmon roe between them. Garnish with baby sorrel.

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